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A little about me

I am Portuguese but born in Perth, Western Australia. One of my many passions is to write novels, short stories and also scripts for potential films. I love to watch movies of all genres and there is a reason why they call it “movie magic” it can transport you into another world, planet, or universe.

I have a pet dog named Bella who I walk down the beach with daily and let her play with others. It’s quite entertaining to watch her run amuck and feel free to do as she pleases; the only tricky thing is trying to get her to leave the beach.

I also love to cook, and to experiment with new flavours. Not all I have made has been edible but it’s all in the learning experience. Pastries are still a mystery to me but I will get there eventually.

Working in a Real Estate company has been a wonderfully challenging experience for me. It really opens your eyes to the industry and how many steps and procedures there are that must be done properly at all times. I am lucky to work with such a vibrant team of people; they truly make life a little brighter each day.


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